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Writing Skills Improvement-Individual-Basic

Cost: $380.00

There is only one opening remaining at this time.


The course is designed for individual tutoring sessions, and content may vary according to the needs of the student. However, the overall focus will be on improving skills that include drafting emails, formatting and composing resumes, and completing standard or government forms, as well as job applications. Students may also work on sharpening basic grammar skills and using context-appropriate language.

This course will be taught by TESOL students and recent graduates.

Course times are fluid to provide students with greater flexibility. Within 72 hours of registering for a course, the instructor will contact you to schedule a mutually agreeable time for you to begin your class.

Fee: $380.00

Joel Goode

Joel Goode is a Senior at South Alabama who is currently enrolled in their TEFL/TESL Certificate program. He has experience teaching English to Hispanic immigrants through the Guadalupe Center, sponsored by Providence Hospital, as well as Hispanic Community Services, sponsored by the Mobile Parks and Recreation Department.

As a bilingual instructor with Spanish proficiency, he has developed a strong ability to discern transfer errors and guide students towards English fluency. He loves working with immigrants to provide them with the best life possible for themselves and their families, both here in the U.S. as well as in their home countries.