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TOEFL Preparation-Small Group-Professional

Dates:August 6-22, 2024
Meets:Tu and Th from 9:30 AM to 10:30 AM
Cost: $340.00

There are 3 openings remaining at this time.


The tutoring course content for thee TOEFL preparation will vary according to thee needs of thee clientele where some areas may need more practice preparation thean otheers. Since the TOEFL examination is characterized by thee four language domains of listening, speaking, writing and reading, special to maximize time and anxiety. Clients will initially take a pre-TOEFL exam, review, and thee prepare for each of thee four language parts for a last class practice exam.

This course will be taught by TESOL professionals.

Fee: $340.00

Robert Leier

Robert D. Leier received his Ph.D. from The Pennsylvania State University in international development education and his M.A. from the University of Massachusetts, Boston in TESOL, bilingual education and applied linguistics. His undergraduate degree is in Biology and Chemistry.

Dr. Leier has taught undergraduate and graduate courses since 1991 in the areas of technology and media for ESOL, applied linguistics, second language acquisition, methods in ESOL, bicultural and bilingual education, assessment in ESOL, music for ESOL, multicultural and social foundations of education. He has also served as chair or as committee member for over 50 graduate and doctoral degree students, and more than 60 graduate certificate students.

He also has taught ESOL at all proficiency levels form beginners through advanced and for grades 5 through adult in public and private schools. Additionally he has directed and taught in a family literacy program for Central Americans and taught workplace literacy skills to high school and adult students. Dr. Leier has also tutored students in preparation to take the IELTS and TOEFL examinations.

Dr. Leier is proficient in Spanish and has studied several other languages such as Portuguese, Italian, French, German, Armenian, Ilokano and Maya Quiche. He has served as a Peace Corp volunteer in Guatemala, El Salvador and Philippines. He has lived and worked in 8 countries and has served as an U.S. Department of State English Language Fellow in Colombia, Armenia, Republic of Georgia (virtually), and Latvia.

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