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Live-Online Summer Bridge Math - Grade 2

Dates:July 10-27, 2023
Meets:M, Tu, W and Th from 3:00 PM to 3:50 PM
Cost: $299.00

Sorry, we are no longer accepting registrations for this course. Please contact our office to find out if it will be rescheduled, or if alternative classes are available.

The Summer Bridge Program is a great way for students to keep their math skills sharp over the summer months. The program is open to any student seeking an engaging environment in which to explore fun, relevant math topics.

Each course consists of 12 50-minute sessions delivered in a live-online format. Grade 2 topics include:

  • Addition and subtraction through three digits
  • Word problems
  • Place value
  • Adding multiples of the same number
  • Money, including counting, adding, and subtracting with coins and dollar bills
  • Time, including reading clocks to the quarter hour
  • Measurement, including English (inch) and metric (centimeter) units
  • Graphs, including pictographs and bar graphs
  • Essential characteristics of basic plane shapes and three-dimensional solids
  • Perimeter and introduction to area
  • Fractions to one-sixth

All tasks are fun and engaging. Students interact in the virtual classroom by writing on class slides and manipulating objects on the screen. Supplementary practice problems are provided so that students can gain additional practice with each session's topics to reinforce what they've learned.

The online learning portal is easy to access. Students can join live class sessions via their browser and no special software is required. For best experience, students should access the class on a laptop or desktop computer. Some sessions may include opportunities to participate via webcam or microphone, but microphones and webcams are not required.

Fee: $299.00

Date Day Time Location
07/10/2023Monday3 PM to 3:50 PM Online
07/11/2023Tuesday3 PM to 3:50 PM Online
07/12/2023Wednesday3 PM to 3:50 PM Online
07/13/2023Thursday3 PM to 3:50 PM Online
07/17/2023Monday3 PM to 3:50 PM Online
07/18/2023Tuesday3 PM to 3:50 PM Online
07/19/2023Wednesday3 PM to 3:50 PM Online
07/20/2023Thursday3 PM to 3:50 PM Online
07/24/2023Monday3 PM to 3:50 PM Online
07/25/2023Tuesday3 PM to 3:50 PM Online
07/26/2023Wednesday3 PM to 3:50 PM Online
07/27/2023Thursday3 PM to 3:50 PM Online