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Essential Italian for Travelers in the Land of La Dolce Vita (The Good Life)! --VIA ZOOM

Dates: October 29 - December 10, 2021

Meets: F from 1:00 PM to 2:30 PM

Registration Fee: $50.00

Italy, though being one of the most travelled countries in the world, hosts comparatively few fluent English speakers as those in other popular European destinations. This course will linguistically and culturally equip students in essential Italian for travel, from understanding directions, to reading a menu, to successfully securing assistance in the event of a mishap.

While learning elemental communication, this course will also enlighten students on key customs and practices of Italy from traditional holidays, to amenities for tourists, and social decorum. No matter how long or short your stay in Italy, this course is sure to provide an engaging perspective on the Italian language and its peoples who are known for living "la dolce vita!" Do not miss this spirited and delightful course.

Fee: $50.00

Konstantin Wertelecki

Date Day Time Location
10/29/2021Friday1 PM to 2:30 PM Zoom
11/05/2021Friday1 PM to 2:30 PM Zoom
11/12/2021Friday1 PM to 2:30 PM Zoom
11/19/2021Friday1 PM to 2:30 PM Zoom
12/03/2021Friday1 PM to 2:30 PM Zoom
12/10/2021Friday1 PM to 2:30 PM Zoom


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